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Your Step into the Iraqi Market


MYG is an Iraqi-registered company of highly qualified team in Iraq (Baghdad and Kurdistan region). We are trained professionals with different skills and backgrounds, who gained huge experience, and the ability to adapt the change and perform in different environments by working together previously in serving international clients in many fields for years in Iraq. We came together when Mrs. Manar Y. Wahida decided to lunch her own company to provide you with our unique solution through the best services and prices.


Our mission is to achieve customer satisfaction based on trust with our clients and have a good relationship with the Governmental sectors.


We are fully aware of the Iraqi market- Kurdistan area and Iraq, and we adopt the original high quality market culture. ‏We put all of our knowledge and experience in the Iraqi market to provide our customers with a unique solutions that tailored to their needs, customer satisfaction is our priority.

We operate in the Iraqi markets (both Baghdad and Kurdistan area), which is a big and highly demanding market due to the purchasing power, the local competition which Iraq is considered an emerging market with significant growth potential.

It's essential to note that while the Iraqi market offers significant opportunities, it also presents challenges. That's why we help businesses entering or expanding in this market.

Mrs. Manar Y. Wahida
CEO Message